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Current Students

Dr.Tech. (PhD)

  1. Ville Heikkilä. Release planning in agile software development. Expected graduation: 2013.
  2. Timo O. Lehtinen. Root Cause Analysis in Software Engineering. Expected graduation: 2013.


  1. Jussi Heikelä. Implementing Continuous Integration in a Software Service Organization.
  2. Sebastian Böckelman. A Case Study on Improving Software Development Effort Estimation in a Medium-Sized Software Company.
  3. Petteri Räty. The relationship between communication structure and team performance.
  4. Kim Dikert. Large-Scale Agile Transformation.
  5. Annina Rantanen. Nearshoring of testing.

Former Students

Dr.Tech. (PhD)


  1. Itkonen, Juha. 2011. Empirical Studies on Exploratory Software Testing.
  2. Vanhanen, Jari. 2011. Empirical Assessment of the Adoption, Use, and Effects of Pair Programming.


  1. Mika Mäntylä, 2009. Software Evolvability — Empirically Discovered Evolvability Issues and Human Evaluations.


  1. Berger, Erno. 2010. Ohjelmistoprosessin parantaminen pienessä yrityksessä: tapaustutkimus. (A Case Study on Software Process Improvement in a Small Company).
  2. Björnfot, Tomas. 2004. Software Process Improvement in a Small Company: A Case Study.
  3. Erlingsson, Magnus. 2010. Ensuring the Availability of an IT system: An Investigation of the Security Risk of Downtime Causing Errors and Their Root Causes.
  4. Fallenius, Carl Erik. 2010. A Case Study of Issue Tracker Introduction in a Globally Distributed Inter-Organizational Software Development Project.
  5. Hiort af Ornäs, Nico. 2010. Preparing and Initiating a Globally Distributed Software Development Project.
  6. Hjort, Markus. 2004. Extracting Reusable Services from an Existing Architecture: Case HS.
  7. Hämäläinen, Ville. 2003. Improving Configuration Management in a Distributed Software Development Organization.
  8. Halme, Erkka. 2005. Hyväksymistestauksen kehittäminen TKK:n hallinto-osaston tietojärjestelmähankkeissa. (Development of Acceptance Testing Procedures for IT Projects in the TKK Administration Department).
  9. Iivonen, Joonas. 2009. Identifiying and Characterizing Highly Performing Testers — A Case Study in Three Software Product Companies.
  10. Itkonen, Juha. 2001. An Experience in Software Process Definition and Implementation.
  11. Johansson, Juha. 2005. Palvelualustan J2EE-ohjelmistotestauskehys—tapaustutkimus (A Software Testing Framework for a J2EE Service Platform).
  12. Josefsson, Marc. 2005. Software Inspection Process Improvement: Case Digia Inc.
  13. Kankaanpää, Päivi. 2004. Palvelu- ja sovelluskehitysmallin laatiminen DNA Finland Oy:lle Rational Unified Process-mallin pohjalta. (Development of a RUP-based service- and application development process for DNA Finland Oy).
  14. Ketonen, Marko. 2004. Supporting Configuration Modeling in an Evolving Software Component Environment.
  15. Kettunen, Jussi. 2003. Improving Effort Estimation in a Software Maintenance Organization.
  16. Kiuru, Tiina. 2005. Testiraportointi eri sidosryhmille. (Test Reporting to Different Stakeholders).
  17. Laurila, Pietari. 2005. Key Activities in the Modernization of Legacy Software Systems—A Framework and a Multiple Case Study.
  18. Leppänen, Tero. 2009. Testerisuunnitteluprosessin kehittäminen. (Development of the Tester Design Process).
  19. Liira, Panu. 2004. Developing a Software Product in Collaboration with Customer Organizations: Case eBuilder Systems.
  20. Lindholm, Christian. 2011. Performance Measuring Scrum and Kanban in a Software Service Company.
  21. Lyytinen, Ilkka. 2010. Improving Quality Assurance in an Agile Distributed Software Project.
  22. Markula, Jussi. 2003. Software Process Improvement at SSH Communications Security Corp.
  23. Mäntylä, Mika. 2003. Bad Smells in Software—a Taxonomy and an Empirical Study.
  24. Norja, Terho. 2010. Designing a Framework for Linking Company Goals with Daily Tasks in a Small Software Company.
  25. Nurmi, Mikko. 2004. Oston ja tuotannon suoritusten mittausjärjestelmän kehittäminen. Development of a Performance Measurement System for Purchasing and Manufacturing.
  26. Ratilainen, Sakari. 2011. Aligning the Scrum Methodology with ERP Implementation Projects.
  27. Salin, Sari. Digital Rights Management for the Mobile Internet: Architecture and Implementation.
  28. Salminen, Heikki. 2010. Ohjelmistoprojektien ongelmien juurianalyysi. (Root Cause Analysis of Software Development Projects).
  29. Seppälä, Samuli. 2002. Päätöksenteon kehittäminen Suunto Oy:n tuotekehityksessä (Improving Decision making in New Product Development at Suunto Oy).
  30. Suomela, Tomi. 2002. Verkkopankin järjestelmätestauksen kehittäminen (Improving System Testing for a Web Banking Application).
  31. Vanhatalo, Jussi. 2004. Building and Querying a Repository of BPEL Process Specifications.
  32. Vuornos, Lauri. 2002. Software Process Improvement in a Small High-Tech Company: Case Smartner Information Systems Ltd.
  33. Zhu, Di. 2010. An Oursourcing Management Process for a Small Agile Software Product Company.
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